What you need to know about luggage locks

What you need to know about luggage locks

luggage locks LawndaleThere was a time when having a luggage lock was up to the traveler. If you wanted to keep your luggage completely safe, you locked it. Otherwise, many travelers had no luggage lock. However, with the increased security nowadays, you have to keep your luggage under lock, regardless of whether you want to or not. The Transportation Safety Administration TSA has made it mandatory for travelers to have approved locks. There are different types of luggage locks that you can choose from and each has its own purpose.

The little locks

These little locks with keys are not for you regular luggage as they are not TSA approved. They are best for when you just need to lock up the zips on your backpack, daypack or any little bag that you are carrying. It will help keep away any pickpockets. Make sure you keep the key in a safe place and don’t lose it.

TSA Approved Locks

TSA approved locks are easily available and they are not very expensive. They are called TSA locks because at airports and such places the TSA have a master key that can open all of the TSA luggage locks. The locks have combination and if your lock has been opened, the gauge turns from red to green. So with TSA locks, the inspectors can get in and out of your suitcase and inspect it easily without damaging anything. TSA locks are actually mandatory for your luggage. The smaller bag packs don’t need it but for your bigger bags and suitcases you have to keep a TSA lock on. If you don’t have a TSA lock on, you might get lucky and not have your luggage checked. However, if your luggage is checked and there is no TSA lock on the inspectors have full authority to cut your lock and inspect your luggage.

Cable Locks

TSA cable locks are the same size as any other normal locks. However, the latching mechanism involves a cable. This a pretty flexible lock so it is useful in many situations such as suitcases, daypack, dorm lockers and more. With flexibility, they are also highly reliable locks so they are a good choice.

There are also retractable cable locks that are heavier and bigger than the normal sized locks. The cable is also longer in retractable locks and it gives the lock more flexibility. Apart from just locking your luggage, you can also use a retractable cable lock to keep all of your bags locked together. It also allows you to lock your bag to a bar or a frame or pipe to keep it in place and safe.

Cable locks are the best option out of all these locks. They are available with combinations and keys so it is up to you to pick one. If you think you might lose the key then pick a combination one but don’t forget the combination!

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